Actions Parents Can Take Now: Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for Teens

The primary goal of parenting a teen is to get them launched into the next phase of their lives successfully. When it is clear to the parents that their teen has a developing drug problem, parents need to be able to clearly state to their teen: (a) their concern and (b) their commitment to immediately intercede in any way necessary. Waiting to act is not an option. Interrupting the drug use behavior of an adult-child once they have moved out of the house, including college, is very close to impossible. Therefore, every bit of energy aimed at intervening in their teen’s drug behavior while they are still living at home is imperative. Researching whether intensive outpatient treatment programs are available in Sonoma County may be the necessary next step.

For parents, one of the benefits of quickly intervening on their teen’s drug use, no matter how close they might be to heading off into the world (college, job and independent living) is that the teenager later in life will never be able to say that the issue of problematic drug use was never raised. When at the age of 25 they get a DUI, for example, they won’t be able to say, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve had a problem with substances.” This is important because drug abuse assessment relies on identifying patterns. A single event is not a pattern and can be written off as a fluke or bad luck. A pattern of two or more times is more difficult to ignore. Intensive outpatient treatment for teen substance abuse in Sonoma County, such as THE NEXT STEP PROGRAM located in Santa Rosa, is a great place to begin evaluating whether a substance use problem exists. Call today for an assessment at 707-525-9300.

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