Addiction and Recovery Programs for Teens and Young Adults

Substance abuse and addiction, whether to alcohol or drugs, is a problem that can happen at any age. It often starts during the teen years or in early adulthood. If you have a teen or young adult in your family who is experiencing alcohol or drug problems, it’s wise to seek the help of teen addiction therapists in Santa Rosa early in the process. Check out the signs below to help you find the right addiction and treatment program for your loved one.

Signs of a Drug-Related Problem Among Teens and Young Adults

Below are some signs of drug and alcohol related problems in adolescents and young adults:

  • A decline in academic performance
  • A change in peer group
  • Skipping school or frequently missing classes
  • Not paying attention to self-grooming
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Deteriorating relationships with friends and family

When to Start Looking for Help for Your Teen or Young Adult

The first important step to helping your teen or young adult is seeking a professional such as teen addiction therapists in Santa Rosa. When it comes to treatment programs and centers, there are numerous options available and there are many factors to consider before deciding on an addiction and recovery program for your child. These include their physical condition, the type of drug they are using, their mental state and many more. Teen addiction therapists are qualified to determine your teen or young adults’ specific needs and can help you find a program tailored to those needs.

Get the Help You Need from Top Teen Addiction Therapists in Santa Rosa

When you need the help from the best teen addiction therapists in Santa Rosa, The NEXT STEP intensive outpatient program for substance abusing teens and their families can expertly provide support and services for your family.  To find out more, visit NEXT STEP or call 707-525-9300 today.

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