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Helpful Programs for Developing Positive Life Skills in Unmotivated Teenagers

Substance abuse is a serious problem among teenagers today, and addiction needs to be dealt with skillfully, based on sound principles of psychological management. There are many certified treatment programs, treatment centers, and specialized residential centers to support unmotivated teenagers. These special programs are quite effective in aiding teenagers to overcome peer pressure, stress, and...


The Key Role of Educational Consultants in Helping Families Find Treatment for Substance Abuse

When someone you love needs to overcome an addiction, an educational consultant can be the perfect source of guidance and support. Everyone knows that addiction can be a debilitating condition, and if not addressed in time, it does not take long for issues to compound. With the right intervention at the right time, things can...


Four Stages of Teen Substance Use/Abuse

Experimentation By definition, experimentation is learning what causes what effect. Most people, even teenagers, are one or two trial learners; meaning, it only takes a couple of times of doing something to know what it’s about. Imagine never having played ping pong and your neighbor invites you to come over to play. The first hit...


Helping Your Teen Avoid Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Teens are the formative years in the life of an individual. The impact of decisions made during this phase of life can take play a major role in their adult life. This is why it is important to make the right decisions at the right time. Unfortunately, many teens fall prey to drug abuse, and...


How to Give Teens Help Regarding Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

For most young adults, their teenage years are known to be tumultuous. They are still trying to figure out who they are while simultaneously dealing with a wide variety of outside influences like stress, school, and their peers. In Santa Rosa, most drug rehab counselors for kids will tell you that it is a difficult...


Residential Treatment Centers for Children in Santa Rosa

These days, the term “residential treatment” describes a type of treatment where the adolescent actually lives at a treatment program facility for a period of time. Depending on the type of program, the teen may stay anywhere from a couple of weeks to 12 -18 months. The two types of out-of-home treatments that are used...


Therapeutic & Educational Consultants in Sonoma County

As a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant in Sonoma County, I am so lucky to be able to collaborate with referring professionals, both within the NEXT STEP program, or from the community at large. In addition to the information gathered from referring professionals, I work to complete a thorough assessment by gathering pertinent information from school...


How Do We Know Who Will Develop A Substance Use Disorder?

Statistics suggest that only 1 in 10/12 people who use substances develop a substance use disorder. The question is: who makes up that 10 to 12%? Someday, we will have lasers and be able to probe into a person’s brain to determine if he/she will, given the right life variables, develop a drug problem. Until...


Looking for Teen Addiction Therapists in Santa Rosa?

In my role as a therapeutic and educational consultant, I assess the needs of the family and young person. Although residential interventions are sometimes required, that is not always the case. Sometimes parents realize that their child needs support before their substance use and co-occurring mental health concerns require such a drastic intervention. In those...


When Should a Parent Consider Out of Home Placement?

As both an Educational Consultant in Santa Rosa & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am committed to helping teens, young adults, and their families gain mastery of their emotional experiences. However, throughout my career as a clinician, I have become keenly familiar with symptoms suggesting a need for treatment outside of my office or...

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