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NEXT STEP: Your Family Therapists and Family Counselors for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Santa Rosa

Because teen substance use effects all the members of a family, Family Therapy is one of the most important components in the NEXT STEP program. It focuses on how drug and alcohol use impacts the family on a whole and on how it specifically effects the individual relationships within the family.

Parents of substance abusing teens are often exhausted and feel impotent to intervene on their child’s behavior. Family therapy sessions are where new strategies are discussed, created and implemented. Parents learn to establish healthy boundaries, utilize meaningful consequences and better connect with each other and their teen.

Deep down every teen wants the trust of their parents even though their behavior often suggest otherwise. Family therapy sessions are where teens have an opportunity to voice their feelings and are taught ways that increase the chances of them being heard and responded to. In this way teens are empowered to experiment with new communication styles to get their needs met. Teens are also taught new problem solving skills and are encouraged to take ownership of their behavior.

When parents and teens can learn and practice the skills of non-defensive deep listening, both in session but most importantly at home, the conflicts that up to this point that have felt insurmountable, gradually become opportunities for more resilient and close relationships.

The impact of the teen’s drug use on siblings is frequently the part of the family that gets overlooked. Family therapy is a place where they can come to have their experiences acknowledged and heard. People recovery from trauma best in community. For most people family is the most important and intimate community they will ever belong to. Family therapy in the NEXT STEP program is designed to strengthen this community in order to facilitate the best treatment outcomes.

If you are looking for a family therapist for teen drug and alcohol treatment in Santa Rosa, contact Mark Falls, PhD, at 707-525-9300 for a free assessment. He is a reliable family and addiction therapist in Santa Rosa serving Sonoma County. Our goal at NEXT STEP is to offer guidance and support to families regardless of the stage they are in.