How to Give Teens Help Regarding Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

For most young adults, their teenage years are known to be tumultuous. They are still trying to figure out who they are while simultaneously dealing with a wide variety of outside influences like stress, school, and their peers. In Santa Rosa, most drug rehab counselors for kids will tell you that it is a difficult time when teens have to cope with hormonal changes in their bodies, social situations, and academic rigor. At that age, it is incredibly important to have a stable personal and home life. However, not all children have the privilege of these circumstances.

Kids nowadays have a lot more to deal with than teenagers a couple of decades ago. With the advancement of technology and social media, they are bombarded with constant stimulation, online and offline. Teenage years are developing years, during which the situations and stimulations experienced are greatly influential for kids. Access to the internet also means that people have access to all kinds of information online, good and bad, which can be affect their developing minds.

Leading Causes for Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Sometimes, there is no apparent reason as to why a teenager from a happy family may try different substances to abuse. More often than not, it is peer pressure that kids give in to. Peer pressure has always been a contributing factor in substance and alcohol abuse, and with non-stop access to social media, it is increasingly difficult to prevent online harassment, pressuring, and bullying. Therefore, pressures to abuse drugs and alcohol can be ever-present, even when your child is sitting at home.

Difficulties at school is another leading factor contributing to the use of illicit drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is probably the most abused substance after tobacco, since it is easily available, and is often easily accessible at home. Difficult home life is the biggest contributing factor for drug and alcohol dependency.

How Can You Help?

If you suspect that your teen is abusing substances, it is important to look out for symptoms. Changes in personality and behavior, circle of friends, general loss of interest in activities, poor performance at school, erratic eating and sleeping patterns are some of the notable things to look out for. There may be more symptoms based on the teen’s normal behavior pattern. It is imperative that you refer your kid to a drug rehab counselor in Santa Rosa for intervention as soon as possible.

They will be able to create a customized treatment and rehabilitation plan for your teen to help them overcome their alcohol and drug addiction. Remember, they will need your support, and parents should refrain from criticizing or berating them. Everyone struggles at some point in their lives, and it is imperative that parents get their kids the support they need.

Today’s teens will shape the future of our world. By providing them with the support and help that they require during the difficult and confusing time of their “teens” we can ensure that we create a safer and healthier world for future generations. Contact NEXT STEP, in Santa Rosa, for expert advice and counsel on how to give your teen alcohol and drug addiction help from our experienced drug rehab counselors. Call us at 707-525-9300 to schedule an appointment today!

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