Looking for Teen Addiction Therapists in Santa Rosa?

In my role as a therapeutic and educational consultant, I assess the needs of the family and young person. Although residential interventions are sometimes required, that is not always the case. Sometimes parents realize that their child needs support before their substance use and co-occurring mental health concerns require such a drastic intervention.

In those cases, I am lucky to have found a group of teen addiction therapists in Santa Rosa who are highly skilled in working with teens and families struggling with substance use. Through their decades long combined clinical experience, the NEXT STEP treatment team can provide the individualized support to help your child and family affect positive change. The NEXT STEP treatment team has a diverse range of backgrounds that includes different clinical settings, and therapeutic approaches, adding to their ability to customize treatment within the framework of the program.

Additionally, when leaving for out of home treatment interventions is not avoidable, it is critical that the child’s family works to create a parallel process of change.  Without this, when treatment for your child is finished the transition home will not be successful. Thereby, both during the child or young person’s stay in treatment, and when they come home, NEXT STEP offers services to both facilitate change and support the positive change that has been made.

When looking for a teen addiction therapist in Santa Rosa, I encourage parents to make sure that they find a clinician who has experience with teens, addiction, and family work.  Although this may seem like a “no-brainer”, I have found over the years that parents and families have spent a lot of time and money working with individuals who are not experienced in these areas, or maybe only have one out of the three. At NEXT STEP, the goal is to bring a group of clinicians together, who not only have their different strengths and professional experiences, but all of them also have expertise in working with teens, addiction,and families. In doing so, we are able to create a treatment plan that will offer support for all components of the young person’s life: mental health, treatment of addictive patterns and other problematic behavior, as well as family work. In my experience, there will be no change without this wholistic approach.

If you are looking for a teen addiction therapist in Santa Rosa, please contact me.  My goal is to offer guidance and support for families regardless of the stage they are in.

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