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Santa Rosa Parent Support Group for Parents of Children Struggling with Substance Abuse

Having a child, who is struggling with substance abuse and the complicated underlying factors that may be fueling their use, is a stressful and oftentimes scary time for parents. At this stage of a teen’s life, there is still a positive impact that parents can make. Therefore, at NEXT STEP, we strongly feel that teens are not the only ones who need support, an opportunity to be self-reflective, and make changes.

As one of the components of our program, we provide a parent support group. Just as with our teen support group, the opportunity for participants to be both the receiver of support as well as experiencing the therapeutic benefit of being there for someone else who needs support, is incredibly important. In our experience, parents typically experience a lot of guilt and shame in regard to “where they went wrong”. While it is important for all members of the family to be self-reflective and be ready to make changes, guilt and shame can be a toxic combination when it comes to growth and healing. Additionally, this self-blame and shame is incredibly isolating, and can cut parents off from supportive relationships in their own lives.

The parent support group meets twice per month, and provides a supportive and safe space to relate and share the ups and downs of parenting. The group facilitator provides content to help parents learn tools for co-parenting, recovery support, teen development, healthy family systems, and self-care. Parents are able to develop their strengths, and increase awareness of patterns that have created challenges within the family. Through shared experiences and peer support, participants develop a greater sense of hope, connectedness, and understanding.

At NEXT STEP, our team of therapists and educational consultants in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County assists families find the help they need for their children. Contact us to support you in identifying and taking the appropriate NEXT STEP. Call us today at 707-525-9300 to schedule an evaluation.