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Rosa Toral, MA, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Rosa

Rosa Toral, LMFT (707) 206-1211

Rosa is a therapist and educational consultant. She assists families in identifying appropriate treatment and residential placements for struggling youth and young adults. She has been working with youth and families for many years and provides individual counseling in the Next Step program.


What is a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant?

When parents come to the very difficult decision that they need to find residential placement to keep their children safe, an Educational Consultant is someone who helps them to find the appropriate program. Due to my professional

background as a Licensed Marriage & Family therapist, I specialize in “Therapeutic” placements as opposed to a traditional Educational Consultant who helps families find traditional boarding schools. I help families determine the best course of treatment for their child. Finding an inappropriate treatment option, can not only be costly financially and emotionally. It also can contribute or intensify the original issues. As a licensed mental health clinician, I work to tailor my recommendations to address the child’s and family’s specific needs. In addition to my clinical expertise, I travel extensively throughout the year in order to tour programs. This way, when I’m sitting with a family I am able to talk in depth about my experience of the program I am recommending. Everything looks good online. Working with me provides much more than a google search.

I am independent:

There are many Educational Consultants who work for a particular group of programs. So, when families come to them there is a guarantee that they will be directed in a specific direction. I am completely independent and receive no financial compensation from any program I recommend.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist:

Not all consultants have any education or training in the field of psychology. As a licensed mental health professional, I have received years of training and experience in evaluating the clinical presentation of those I work with. Additionally, I treat chemically abusing teens and adults in my clinical practice. I also know how to support families during times of crisis or stress. My clinical experience gives me a tremendous advantage in formulating appropriate recommendations for residential placement. As well as at home support services.

Treatment programs and options:

Among the treatment considerations are:

  • At home support = Next Step
  • Short-term out of home settings
  • Longer-term residential settings

All of these options are clinically sophisticated and typically contain experiential components.