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Teen Therapy & Counseling for Teen Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Drug Addiction by Teen Addiction Therapists in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

Why is a teen support group important?  At this stage of development, the opinion of peers is incredibly compelling.  Additionally, for most teens, the social anxiety that is experienced by complicated peer relationships is a big reason experimentation with drugs and alcohol begins in the first place.  Therefore, during treatment it is critical to have the support of other young people.

There is a misconception shared by many people, adults and teens alike, that all teens go through a time in their lives where they are using drugs and or drinking.  Therefore, when a teen is faced with the fact that they are now expected to be clean and sober, they fear they will be totally isolated and alone in that.  Having a space where teens can come and connect with other teens who are experiencing the same changes & challenges is important.  Additionally, beyond knowing that they are not alone, group therapy offers young people a place to not only receive support from peers, but also offer it.  This experience of reciprocity can be incredibly therapeutic and empowering.  As every group member gets the opportunity to have that experience of being part of a support system, as well as sharing their own struggles and receiving support.  In today’s social media saturated environment, where there is such an unrealistic emphasis on societal expectations of “happy”, “perfect” & “fun”, genuine, in person, conversation with peers about the reality of one’s struggles is CRITICAL to change.  Whether that be talking about difficult relationships with parents, school pressure, anxiety or depression, teens are able to connect on these topics, even if they have not experienced the exact details themselves.

The teen group meets weekly and is focused on healthy peer interaction, recovery education and positive communication. Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as share their own knowledge and experience. As with all group work, teens are able to build healthy attachments to other group members with the guidance of a trained group facilitator. The group provides a space for teens to relate to common experiences and hold each other accountable.

If you or your loved one in family or friends needs a teen addiction therapist in Santa Rosa, please connect with NEXT STEP’s reliable licensed therapist Mark Falls at (707) 525-9300. Our goal is to offer guidance and support to families regardless of the stage they are in.