The Key Role of Educational Consultants in Addiction Recovery Programs

When you or someone you love needs help to overcome addiction in an out of home setting, a therapeutic &educational consultant can be an excellent resource for guidance and support. Parents should consider hiring a therapeutic & educational consultant to help them in navigating the difficult choices when it comes to finding interventions and programs that will meet the individual needs of their family. Fortunately, there is a therapeutic & educational consultant in Sonoma County with clinical expertise and experience.

What Do Therapeutic & Educational Consultants Primarily Do?

Therapeutic & educational consultants work with families to find appropriate treatment options by:

  • Determining the clinical needs and goals of the person in need of treatment
  • Providing treatment recommendations
  • Tracking the progress of individual teen or young adult through treatment
  • Creating a transition home plan with Next Step’s treatment team, to support the gains made in placement

There are many challenges for families who have teens or young adults struggling with substance use.  The support of an experienced therapeutic & educational consultant is critical when looking for clinically sophisticated, caring, and compassionate options for your loved one’s overall improved health and wellbeing.

Find the Best Educational Consultants in Sonoma County for Your Loved One

When your family and child needs a program to help you with struggles of substance use and addiction, there is one name you can trust for the best services – NEXT STEP. This outpatient program works with the best professionals, including a therapeutic & educational consultant in Sonoma County, to provide your loved one and family the help and support they need as you go through this challenging time. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 707-525-9300.

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