The Key Role of Educational Consultants in Helping Families Find Treatment for Substance Abuse

When someone you love needs to overcome an addiction, an educational consultant can be the perfect source of guidance and support. Everyone knows that addiction can be a debilitating condition, and if not addressed in time, it does not take long for issues to compound. With the right intervention at the right time, things can definitely take a turn for the better. Educational consultants in Santa Rosa can prove to be a great resource for people in this scenario as they can guide you to programs and treatment interventions that will help.

How Can Consultants Help?

Consultants can play a vital role by helping in assessment of the underlying clinical issues that are fueling a person’s substance abuse.  Once the assessment of a person’s individual needs is made, an Educational Consultant specializing in therapeutic placements, makes recommendations to where to find treatment that will work.  Additionally, an Educational Consultant tracks the individual through treatment and provides ongoing recommendations for transitioning home, or to ongoing treatment.

The Manner in Which This Helps

With the right kind of guidance and assistance from Educational Consultants who specialize in Therapeutic placements, families are able to find programs that will facilitate real change, treatment, and healing for their loved ones.  Rosa Toral travels extensively throughout the year visiting schools and programs so that when she is sitting with families and individuals she is able to make qualified recommendations.  These recommendations come from a combination of her onsite vetting of the programs, her clinical assessment of the needs of your family and child, as well as a history of positive outcomes from the programs and schools that she recommends.

If you are looking for educational consultants in Santa Rosa, who specialize in therapeutic your search ends at NEXT STEP. We have a number of trained consultants who can help your child in many walks of life. Whether your child is dealing with an addiction or just needs help in career advice, you will find the tips you need from our counselors. Call us today at (707) 206-1211.

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