Therapeutic & Educational Consultants in Sonoma County

As a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant in Sonoma County, I am so lucky to be able to collaborate with referring professionals, both within the NEXT STEP program, or from the community at large. In addition to the information gathered from referring professionals, I work to complete a thorough assessment by gathering pertinent information from school personnel, and parents.  All of these pieces help me to create personalized recommendations for families that take into consideration the unique strengths and challenges of the individual child or young person.

Additionally, important to my work as a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant in Sonoma County, is extensive travel that I do consistently throughout the year in order to personally visit all the schools and programs I recommend.

The combination of all these components in addition to my Clinical expertise, aids me in deepening my understanding of a student’s needs and in formulating appropriate treatment options. Due to my relationship with the NEXT STEP program and other wonderful Clinicians within Sonoma County, I am also able to connect families with support while their child is in treatment. The biggest indicator of successful outcomes once a student leaves treatment is the parent’s ability to work towards their own parallel process of change while their child is away.

Individualized Recommendations 

Based on the individualized assessments of a student’s needs, and my professional assessment of the different programs, I help guide parents in choosing the best options for their child and family at large.

I Track Your Student’s Progress

I will track a student’s progress in treatment. Again, my clinical experience helps me understand well the treatment goals established by the program. I do this by having weekly phone calls with the student’s treatment therapist and staying abreast of changes or developments in the student’s progress.

My Focus

From the onset of treatment, I am mindful of the need of a good support when the child returns home. I help parents understand the need for a parallel process of change –whether that is within the treatment team of the NEXT STEP program, or the community at large (especially if drugs & alcohol were not factors for the family or the student). I help design supportive aftercare recommendations to help the students and their families when they return home.

For all of these reasons, I hope that as a therapeutic & educational consultant in Sonoma County, I am able to support families that are struggling to find help for their children. For more information, call Rosa Toral, therapist and educational consultant at 707-206-1211.

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