Understanding Substance Abuse Treatment and Its Procedures

Teenagers are vulnerable and often find themselves battling peer and psychological pressures while coping with the physical changes in their bodies. At the same time, they constantly yearn for acceptance from their peers. The low self-esteem and body expectations presented to kids during the teenage years is one of the main reasons adolescents find solace in the abuse of illicit substances.

Parents aren’t always equipped with the necessary tools to deal with the reality of their teenager being addicted to illicit substances. Those are the times when it is important to seek out profssionals who specialize in teen substance abuse treatment in Santa Rosa.

You will find several substance abuse treatment centers in Santa Rosa that help teenagers towards sobriety. While they offer world-class treatments, the effectiveness of these treatment protocols is dependent on willingness of the teenager to work with the therapist. Hence, when you decide to seek help treating your teen, you should be mindful of a few things when choosing a teenage support group.

Being Honest with the Therapist

It is essential that you are completely honest with the therapist and let them know the facts about the teenager. This will enable the therapist to choose the best treatment option. When you approach a substance abuse treatment facility to help your teen, the experts will ask you questions related to your child’s medical history, the substance they are addicted to, your family’s social background, education and work of the parents, family income, and more.

It is essential that you answer all questions to the best of your abilities. Knowing this information allows therapists to determine the cause of the dependence and provide the right medication and treatment.

A Variety of Treatment Procedures

As a parent, you should not your teen will stop using the illicit substance on the first day. Recover is a long process. On the contrary, even after the treatment begins, your teen will still be drawn to illicit substances. It is prudent to remember that the aim of substance abuse treatment is always to help the patient achieve sobriety in an effective manner; and therapists may employ a variety of procedures to help your adolescent.

The treatment will focus on taking prescription medications to combat the withdrawal symptoms as well as attending group meetings and activities for counseling and focused group discussions. Using a multi-pronged approach to treating substance abuse helps your teen’s body and mind get ready for the elimination of the substance from their system.

The Bottom Line

While your teen is undergoing substance abuse treatment, it is essential that you support them wholeheartedly. It is essential if you want your adolescent to come out of the pit they have dug themselves into. You should be prepared for relapses as they may happen during the treatment process. Knowing what to expect during teen substance abuse treatment in Santa Rosa will help prepare you to deal with this long yet effective process. Waste no time, contact NEXT STEP at 707-525-9300 for expert advice and programs to help your teen overcome substance abuse.

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